A Three-Parent Child was Born in Mexico, Because the U.S. Won’t Allow It

Fertility doctors used a controversial technique to create a single egg from two women’s DNA, fertilized it, and watched as it grew into a healthy baby.

5 hours ago from MIT Technology Review

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Americas region is world's first to be free of measles

Measles has been eradicated from the Americas due to decades of vaccination efforts, making it the first region of the world to rid itself of the disease, global health authorities said Tuesday.

Tue 27 Sep 16 from Medical Xpress

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Kidney stone? Try a roller coaster ride

(HealthDay)—Anyone who's suffered a kidney stone just wants the urinary obstruction gone. Now, preliminary research suggests relief might even be fun: a roller coaster ride.

19 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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Smoking fathers increase asthma-risk in future offspring

A Norwegian study shows that asthma is three times more common in those who had a fAnchorather who smoked in adolescence than offspring who didn't.

5 minutes ago from Medical Xpress

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Brown adipose tissue is able to secrete factors that activate fat and carbohydrate metabolism

Brown adipose tissue, the main organ generating heat in the body, is also an endocrine organ that secretes signaling factors that activate the fat and carbohydrates metabolism.

3 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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Humans found to be playing a role in spread of ranavirus

(Phys.org)—A team of researchers with the Zoological Society of London, Queen Mary University of London, University College London and Herpetofauna Consultants International and assisted by ...

4 hours ago from Phys.org

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In-office tests may detect hip tendon problems before MRI

Two simple tests that can be done in a doctor's office may be able to rule in or out a painful hip condition that is usually hard to diagnose without magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), according ...

10 minutes ago from FOXNews

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Moderate drinking may not affect women's fertility

Although current U.S. guidelines encourage women to stop drinking while trying to get pregnant, a new Danish study suggests giving up alcohol may not be necessary for improving the chances of ...

10 minutes ago from FOXNews

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Antibiotics developed in 1960s show promise for TB therapy

First generation cephalosporins—antibiotics introduced as a treatment against bacterial infections in 1963—now show promise for tuberculosis (TB) therapy, according to new research published ...

3 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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Acne sufferers' cells may be protected against aging

Scientists at King's College London have found that people who have previously suffered from acne are likely to have longer telomeres (the protective repeated nucleotides found at the end of ...

3 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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